Fall 1998

Fall 1998
by scott heisel

Why in God's name do I do this? Why do I put myself through the ridicule almost every day? It seems
like everyone has a problem with something about me. Fuck, I have enough problems and I
don't need other people shitting on me. Example: Someone asks me what type of music I listen to in
one of the countless emails I get any day. I answer, "mostly punk, ska, and emo, but I'm open to
hip-hop, jazz, techno, etc." The person replies back, "Punk? Are you some kind of skinhead or
something?" I almost scream. Stereotypes are a bitch. Back in May, a punk band from NJ called Felix
Frump played. They rocked. My brother set up the show, as he usually does. When he mentioned
to my parents that they might have to spend the night since they were touring, they freaked. I
guess the fact that they were "punk rockers" pigeonholes the fuck out of them. I'm sure most of you
have gone through the same type of prejudice. And we all know it's a pain to deal with. So why do
we? I'm not going to answer that, mainly for two reasons: 1. Everyone's answer is different. 2.
Frankly, I don't even know for myself. I guess it's just my form of "rebellion". My mom asks me
constantly why I'm into "that music". She thinks it was to impress my brother. Hell no, it wasn't!
He influenced me a lot in the whole punk scene, but as for bands, we couldn't be farther apart.
There's probably no more than a dozen bands we mutually like. This shows all the subtleties in the
punk genre, but that's a whole 'nother column. Getting back on topic, I could care less about what
my brother thinks of me, mainly because I know he doesn't care, either. Problem solved. The only
thing I wish is that I could influence him. Man, have I gotten off topic. And I'm sure
you're all sick of my psychobabble. So I'll go. So long and thanks for all the fish.
1.  Buy the new "Unwritten Law" CD. It is wicked as all hell, even if it's on a "major label". 
2.  Please visit my geeky Star Wars page at http://pezboy.hypermart.net. Werd.
3.  Wanna chat? Email me at mav3rick@wwa.com, instant message
me at "Toko2000", or ICQ me at 11766695.
4.  Shout out time: Kaytie Mc, take care of yourself. You've changed my life in so many ways and I
love ya like a sister. Be good, little girl.
5.  I don't know if there's going to be something in this issue that says this, so I'll do it:
John, the almighty editor, says he might changed the "style" of this zine to a more personal thing.
Which means eliminating columns. So if this happens, I just want to say thanks to him and all of
you for putting up with me.
Until next time, I'm Scott, and I'm a lamer.
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