1988 (What a crazy year!) Part 2

1988 (What a crazy year!) Part 2
by Dick Tator

	Hey kids, it's time for another one of my scene reports. If you only knew how much money I
got paid for this, it would amaze the hell out of ya!
	Before I treat you fellow readers with my usual bullshit, I need to ask you this!!!
	Do you know my real name? Do you even fuckin' care?
	Here are some names of people who could be me, Dicky Tator:
	1: James - The dorky guy who used to work at Toad Hall.
	2: Frank Stallone - Yeah, Sylvester's brother. He's punk, isn't he?
	3: Sid Vicious - No, isn't he dead?
	Good luck, you chumps! You'll never guess which of these is me. Ha! Ha! (This was a parody,
not to be taken seriously) (duh!)
	We had a lot of shows in 1988, so lets get crankin!
	The Polish Falcons Club on 15th Ave. put on a few good shows. Dag Nasty and Inspector 12
played there on May 29th. Inspector 12 (Madison) always drew a good crowd back then. Dag Nasty (DC)
kicked our sorry asses that night. Brian Baker (Minor Threat) played guitar and he was slamming
brews like there was no tomorrow. Yeah, "straight and alert" dude! There may have been an opening
band on the bill called Honeycomb Hideout (local boys) but I'm not sure. (Getting old really slows
down the mind) Dag Nasty were on the "Field Day" tour when they played here. I'm pretty sure this
place was packed for this, I mean both bands kicked ass. I know one thing, hot chicks were all
around the place. Where the fuck were you? Huh!
	On June 8th, at Rotation Station we were graced with another show. The Adolescents (Los
Angeles) and S.A.T. (Who?) To me, this show sucked big time. The Adolescents were a different band
member wise, only two original guys remained. They were promoting their new album "Balboa Fun Zone"
(trash it!) and they played more new songs than anything that night. Kids, if you see this record
or CD in anyone's collection, just bluntly laugh in their face and tell them they're not punk
enough to associate with people like us. Ah, fuck it, if the record means that much to you, god
bless your sorry white ass! I don't remember what S.A.T. were like, so they probably sucked.
	On July 11th, The Vandals (California) played Rotation Station with Du-flat and P.B.S.
(both locals). P.B.S. basically weren't supposed to play, but at the last minute they played close
to a full set. Not one of Rockford's better bands (to put it mildly) but they tried. I think with a
better drummer and a better singer these guys would've been better. Hell, I could've sung for these
clowns! Du-flat was a cheezy funk rock band who had very little substance if any. The Vandals were
good even though the singer was new. The were on the "Slippery When Ill" tour, but they played a
lot of old classic: "Urban Struggle", "Pat Brown" and all the other shit. The Vandals made this
show, fuck the other bands.
	Half Off and Half Life (two good bands) were gonna play our beautiful city, but they
canceled (naturally!).
	On Friday, July 22nd, NOFX (some Epitaph group?) played with Moss Icon (DC), Becky's
Birthday and P.B.S. (locals). P.B.S. played to a small crowd (as usual), because the cool people
were outside having a smoke. They did play a few new tunes but nothing to get excited about. The
singer had a long scuzzy wig on during their first song, then he took it off (we were so scared!)
Becky's Birthday were kinda like indie rock, not my cup of java. Moss Icon were good post-punk type
stuff and they had a chick on bass (she was the bomb!) NOFX headlined this show, but it's funny
that not many punks heard them before that night. I heard their single in 1987 from some punk chick
I dated. Anyway, they played a lot of songs from their first two 7"s, like "Bob Turkee", "Six Pack
Girls", "Live Your Life" and many others. They were on the "Liberal Animation" tour, by the way,
that album kicked ass. Oh yeah, they played an excellent set! Sorry you weren't there. Now these
guys have changed a lot to get to where they are now. I don't think there was over one hundred
people there, hard to grasp because nowadays NOFX are fuckin' huge and most people haven't seen
them (you young whipper snappers). Not to brag, but I know a guy who knew a guy that hung out with
NOFX that night. See, I told ya years ago we had some great bands play here before the PIT.
	Swiz (DC), Soulside (DC) and American Standard played at Rotation Station on July 27th.
Swiz played hardcore in your face baby, good luck finding their stuff today. Soulside were awesome
as hell, melodic hardcore buzz with a twist of reggae here and there, almost like Scream (the band,
not the movie). American Standard were really good too. It was an awesome show: three positive
bands playin their hearts out, not like the ego trips of some bands today.
	July 30th SNFU (from Canada), Shudder to Think (DC), and Inspector 12 (Madison) played the
Polish Falcons Club. Inspector 12 got the crowd going as usual and everyone enjoyed them. Shudder
to Think played next - I hated them. The singer sounded like Ozzy fronting a bar band. SNFU blew
the roof off this fuckin place. The pit was intense and very violent, but hey, SNFU deserved it.
Chi Pig put his foot through the stage, this show was insane. You should've been there. Somebody
ripped the sink out of the men's room, so that was the last show there. Thanks a lot, you asshole!
People like this guy are fuckin' up our scene. And before I forget, there was over one hundred
people there and you could tell because it was so hot and sweaty.
	Screeching Weasel (Chicago), Crimpshrine (California) and Transgression played at Rotation
Station for some skateboard competition. Not many people were there to hear the bands, but that's
not my problem. I loved Screeching Weasel after that day (until they got trendy) and I'll always
love the first two LPs. 
Youth of Today played Rotation Station also, but the date of the show is unknown to me. RKL and
Token Entry were gonna play, but that never happened. If I forgot about your band or your show, I'm
sorry, but even I'm not perfect.
Dick Tator
P.S. Whatever happened to Lenny? Lenny, where are you?
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