Blink and it's gone

[an impromptu interview with Blink 182's Mark Hoppus, about life, Madonna, and public nudity]

by Scott Heisel

ADKG: We're talking with Mark from Blink 182. So did you have a lot of fun making the new album? Was it better than the other ones?

Mark: Yeah, we had a lot more time on this record, so we... We were able to try out everything we wanted to try out, that's the most important thing about recording is taking the time to try different ideas, that's what makes the record cool. It's the extra shit that we add in...

ADKG: How is Travis working out in the band?

Mark: It's great. Travis rules.

ADKG: Do you miss Scott [Raynor, the previous drummer] at all?

Mark: No.

ADKG: You don't?

Mark: Not at all.

ADKG: Like, was that left on good terms, or what happened?

Mark: No.

ADKG: Bad?

Mark: It wasn't on good terms.

ADKG: Ok... Are you planning on touring anymore after the Warped Tour ends?

Mark: We're gonna go to Europe, and then in the fall, come back and do our own US tour.

ADKG: So what's the next single going to be off the new album?

Mark: All The Small Things.

ADKG: Really? Someone told me Mutt was going to be released, is that true?

Mark: No, it's actually on a... The American Pie movie... It's in the movie.

ADKG: Yeah, I saw that. So are you guys actually naked in the video [What's My Age Again?] or...

Mark: Yes.

ADKG: Totally naked?

Mark: Most of it, yeah.

ADKG: Really? Where'd you guys film it at?

Mark: In L.A.

ADKG: Really?

Mark: Yeah.

ADKG: Did they close off the set or anything, or was it just running down the street?

Mark: No, there was a lot of outside stuff, we were... We had these flesh-colored speedos on, but we didn't tell any of the extras what was going on, and we didn't tell.. We left the streets open so that people... We would get people's real reactions.

ADKG: Well, it worked. I don't know if you know this, but your video's been on Total Request on MTV and-

Mark: I heard that.

ADKG: It's been recieved really well.

Mark: That's rad. It's so cool.

ADKG: It's like Britany Spears before you guys and N'Sync after...

Mark: I know... [laughs]

ADKG: Did you ever expect this kind of superstardom?

Mark: No... Well, we're not superstars at all.

ADKG: Oh, sure you are.

Mark: No, we're just guys in a band, Madonna's a superstar. [laughs]

ADKG: So what's been your favorite album to make so far?

Mark: Enema.

ADKG: Really?

Mark: Yeah, it was just good to have the time... We did it in San Diego, so we were closer to home.

ADKG: People say you're getting out of your little kid attitude and starting to get to the more serious side, do you think you are?

Mark: No, not at all. I think we're getting better as musicians and better as songwriters, but I don't think that our attitude has changed at all since we started.

ADKG: I've heard a couple of people call you guys sellouts, what do you think about that?

Mark: We never had anything to sell out, we never said that we wouldn't go on MTV, we never said we wouldn't go on radio, I don't have anything against MTV or the radio... Fuck 'em, I'm not gonna like... die wondering how far I could've gone with my band but I didn't because I was afraid of some 14-year old kid was gonna call me sellout while he takes his mom's car and goes to the movies, you know?

ADKG: Do you plan on ever doing other bands after Blink ends, or do you plan on doing this forever, or are you just not worrying about that?

Mark: I don't think about that. I mean, I'll do Blink as long as Blink's around... It's fun.

ADKG: So you'll keep going till you're sick of it?

Mark: Yeah.

ADKG: So, is Touchdown Boy a true story?

Mark: Yes, it's about one of our friends in San Diego.

ADKG: Are you playing Family Reunion [their song on the Short Music for Short People comp]?

Mark: Yeah, we are.

ADKG: How did that come about? Did Fat Mike just call you guys up, or what was...

Mark: Yeah...

ADKG: How'd you get involved in the project?

Mark: Well, we were actually doing that song... I dunno how that song came around, we were just fuckin' around on stage one time, and just did it, then Fat Mike said "Oh, we need a 30-second song," so oh, we'll do the Shit Piss song. And so we did it.

ADKG: It just worked out?

Mark: Yeah.

ADKG: Did your label have any problem with that, was MCA ok with you guys putting it on the comp?

Mark: Yeah, we have a... a clause in our contract, we can do any comp we wanna do.

ADKG: Alright. Well, that's it.

Mark: Alright, thanks a lot, you guys.

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