by Rob Biavati, with extra comments by Scott Heisel

Rob and Scott got a chance to talk to Todd Baechle, vocalist/keyboardist of The Faint, in Chicago during their successful summer tour with Camera Obscura and Vue.

ADKG: Would you prefer Men at Work, Men's Recovery Project, or Men Without Hats?

Todd: If it's gotta be between Mens Recovery Project and Men Without Hats, I think I'll choose Men Without Hats.

ADKG: Did you grow up listening to a lot of Gary Numan and Kraftwerk?

Todd: No, not really.

ADKG: Have they influenced your band at all?

Todd: Not too much. I mean, I enjoy them, I have some of their records, but I got into them more after our group sounded more like this.

ADKG: Have you had any wacky tour experiences that involve nudity?

Todd: Um, yes. Well, on the last tour our drummer, my brother Clark, was peeing in this guy's mouth, and I took down my pants to pee on the side of his face and in his ear. There was some nudity involved in that.

ADKG: What was the last record you bought?

Todd: I just bought one today at a truck stop. It's a compilation called Super Freaks, or All the Freaks? Its all songs about freaks. It's got Freak Show on the Dance Floor, that's one of my all time favorites by Clark Hayes. It's got a bunch of soul, one rap song by Too Short with a lot of delay on his voice, so it kind of sucks but Freak Show on the Dance Floor, you can't beat that.

ADKG: What's your most hated LP of all time?

Todd: I'd say that Green Jello, Green Jelly one?

ADKG: Cereal Killer?

Todd: I don't know, the one with Three Little Pigs on it. That's probably my least favorite record ever.

ADKG: What do you think about all these white belt wearing spock cuts that keep beaming down all over the country?

Todd: Well, I think its fine, I don't care about it. I know what you're talking about. You're talking about all the people who are like the people in San Diego in the mid 1990s.

ADKG: Sex is dead.

Todd: Uh, no comment.

ADKG: What's the angriest you've ever been at a McDonald's and why?

Todd: I've never been to McDonald's.

ADKG: Seriously? Not in your entire life!?

Scott: Substitute any other fast food restaurant for Mc Donald's.

Todd: Well at Hardee's once, a friend of mine, he used to ask if he could ask if he could have the last bite of my sandwich and he would put a hair in it or a bug in it and he would get another free one for himself. He did that every day because we used to skate together when we were kids and that pissed me off eventually.

ADKG: What's with all the college kids having sex to Jets to Brazil?

Todd: Do they? Wow, I didn't know that.

Scott: Would you like to make that the Faint?

Todd: Sure.

ADKG: Do you agree with the statement that 'people who don't like AC/DC, don't know how to rock?

Todd: No.

ADKG: You don't like AC/DC?

Todd: I wear an AC/DC hat, I like that movie Maximum Overdrive, very fine cinema.

Scott: Is that the one with Emilio Estevez?

Todd: Its the one where the machines take over the people. AC/DC did the sound track so I guess they were good for something.

ADKG: Where do you music going in thirty years? Because there's already not a lot of originality, and it seems everything has been done, so where do you see music heading in the future?

Todd: I think all the styles will get mixed up in the near future, and then once that happens there won't be really anything to do so, I guess we'll stop.

ADKG: What would you think if Jello Biafra did a commercial for Jello, and Bill Cosby sang for the Dead Kennedys?

Todd: I prefer it the way it is because I don't think Bill Cosby has verbosity.

ADKG: Any thing else you'd like to add?

Todd: What's this for again?

ADKG:, its an on-line magazine.

Todd: That's on a computer? Cool. I heard computers are cool.

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