Twelve Hour Turn - Victory of Flight
No Idea

Hmm, these guys seem more hardcore than on their split with I Hate
Myself, but I can honestly say it's a turn for the better.  When I put
on this album, it just rips through me like a truck.  Cranking out 11
songs in a little over 27 minutes, 12HT knows their shit.  Comparisons
to I Hate Myself, Strikeforce Diablo, and others along the same genre
are evident, but 12HT does bring a good amount of originality to the
table, also.  With dark, matter-of-fact lyrics such as "knee jerk?
tear jerk? cold hearts couldn't care less" and "don't give them the
fists to knock you down," 12HT contains some excellent songwriting and
when the guy sings (or screams, rather) you can hear the raw pain
contained deep in his throat.  There's no upbeat pop diddies here,
kiddies.  This record is perfect for those days when everything goes
wrong.  Instead of breaking something, let the dischordant, raucous
sounds of Twelve Hour Turn eliminate your rage for you.

PS - If I didn't have a broken ankle right now, I would be jumping up and down while playing this album extremely loud.
...scott heisel...

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