22 Jacks - Going North
Side 1 Dummy

I'm pretty sure these guys use to be on a major label at one point, and
this album sounds like their plea for a second chance.  The last (and only)
time I heard these guys was back at the 1997 Warped Tour.  I didn't enjoy
'em too much, but I thought they were more punk than this.  This album has
a LOT more power-pop-punk aspects to it, ala-Lit or something along those
lines.  Most songs on here have some extremely killer hooks, and as a
bonus, they're for the most part extremely simplistic, so you and your
friends can learn them and rock out, too.  There's even a horn section
which is used very tastefully in a few songs, most notably being "Slipping
Down" which is incredibly catchy with a smooth bass line, and will stick in
your head for days.  Also, "To Much Time" [sic] is such an incredibly
powerful song with such a wicked horn part, and even some small piano parts
woven in.  This song belongs on the radio and on TRL, in all seriousness.
This band may not be extremely punk these days, but Joe Sib and co.
can still write some infectiously catchy stuff.  If you want a good "party
punk" album, meaning one you can crank up and even your friends who hate
punk will bob their heads, pick this one up.
...scott heisel...

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