Two Man Advantage - Drafted
Royalty Records

The new album from 2 Man Advantage, their first large scale release,
is very much what the press release promises.  "Melodic, fast, punk"
it is indeed.

Invite your straight edge friends over for such ditties as "Captain
Morgan", "I Want a Beer" "Chug It" and "Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow". 
Actually you don't have any straight edge friends, because you have
already pissed them off somehow. 

It's just as well because you can't really understand what the boys in
2 Man Advantage are saying well enough to be offended by it, which is
hardly surprising or problematic.  They don't claim to be lyrical

The album has a hockey and beer motif, I'm sure they ae talking about
hockey and beer in whatever they are screaming, and frankly the music
is a lot of fun to bounce around to.

Try this experiment.  Drink heavily while the CD is on. This
transforms a CD which is pretty good into a CD that is fucking awesome.
These guys are a lot of fun, and if you are running low on fast, hard,
incoherent songs to swill cheap beer to, this is probably a good thing
to pick up.

What can I say, the album is good.  I probably wouldn't run out go
through great lengths to get it, but if you see it cheap, pick it up. 
It won't disappoint.
...ron provine...

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