30footFALL - Ever Revolving, Never Evolving
Nitro Records

     These guys are from Houston and it is too bad
they weren't playing there during my monthlong crash
in the Houston suburbs with a friend and his dad.  My
life was running severely low on bratty, snotty, fast
punk rock.

At times this album is right on and at times it is way off but it is on more than it is off. These guys, at their best, are reminiscent of the Vandals at *their* very best, at their worst reminiscent of the Mr T Experience on steroids and speed. But hey, that is a funny concept, so even at their worst you are still laughing.
The guitar is fast and furious and the drums are fast and the vocals are fast but discernible and it all comes together really well. It reminds me of why I like punk.
Kirk Cameron sings the Blues is a great and oddly touching song, How I Became the Jerk is great and Subhumanitarian Homewrecked Blues is a good song with a brilliant title. Their cover of "Just Like Heaven" alone is worth the cost of admission and then some. Good album, really good.
...ron provine...

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