33.3 - S/T

33.3 is a new band with an ex-member of Spitboy in it, but don't expect to
see it billed that way.

Trading in hardcore for hardwood, ex-Spitboy bassist Dominique Davison plays cello in 33.3's 3-piece instrumental assault. She is joined by Steve Walls on drums and Brian Alfred on guitar.
33.3's music is very pretty, and quite often rocks, at least as much as a Spitboy song did. The guitar is never distorted, and it compliments the heavy bass notes of the cello perfectly. Walls' drumming is one of the few times that the drums actually add something tangible to songs.
The only problem 33.3 has is repetition. Quite a few of the songs on their self-titled debut album sound simiilar. Some of them seem to contain elements of other songs. That's not a big problem, because all of the songs are an engaging listen, but when it seems like every song seems to rip off part of the album's best track, Quilted Giraffe, it gets a little old.
All in all, 33.3 have made a pretty good album, and if they're able to expand their sound a little bit, making it a little more diverse, I would imagine that their classical instrumentals by way of math rock songs will sound that much more appealing.
...john heisel...

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