Nine Lives

It was once said of Jello Biafra that he wrote his songs like he was
on speed in a concentration camp watching Erasherhead.  Well, the new
Nine Lives album sounds like it was written while doing weed in an
apartment in a college town while watching Ally McBeal. Seriously, if
Party of Five ever had auditions for a punk band to do their theme
song, these guys would be begging for the part.

It isn't a bad album.  Well, lyrically it is essentially more
uninspiring thoughts from kids who grew up on the bubble of the
suburbs.  So if you're a suburban kid without very original thoughts,
and you want to hear somebody singing in a double a rhyme scheme
things you have already thought, this is a good album.

Honestly, the music is acceptable, played skillfully if without much
heart, and there is nothing very exciting there.

At times the album seems like it wants very badly to be good, but then
it falters, as any band which thanks No Doubt, Civ, and Less than Jake
is naturally going to do.

Songs of note include Peg, which starts off like an Adam Sandler
ballad but goes down hill a bit from there, No More Tears, which
starts off like an REM ripoff and then morphs into a punk ballad, and
Lonely One, which starts off like a Less than Jake ripoff and then
turns into Bad Religion with a lobotomy.

The album is uninspiring, but okay as background music for something I
...ron provine...

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