AC/DC - For Those About to Rock
ATCO Records

AC/DC has a simple formula.  Hit the bass drum hard.  Write a kickass 
guitar solo.  Scream the vocals with delight.  Then repeat for 10 beautiful 
tracks of awe-inspiring genius.  This album hard rocks its way into your 
frontal lobe, easily manipulating your emotion regardless of your previous 
mood.  You could be the owner of a backyard petting zoo and spend all day 
outside feeding cuddly floppy-eared rabbits, but then when you went inside 
and played this album, you'd end up going to sleep praying for satan and 
dreaming of hell.

Regardless of the band's hardcore edge, their success might lie in the fact that their songs are damn catchy. The first song you'll hear is the title track, "For Those about to Rock (We Salute You)". It hooks you early with simple power chords, and by the time lead singer Brian Johnson first screams (approximately 45 seconds in) you're suckered. When the rest of the band joins in chorus, forget about it. Then the guitar wails and cannons are going off all over and before you know it you belong to AC/DC and they will own you for the rest of the cd. I will insist forever that it's not just my imagination telling me that they actually start singing "THE DEVIL'S about to rock. We salute you." by the middle of the song.
Song 2 ("Put the Finger on You") and song 3 ("Let's Get it up") display heavy metal excellence. Whatever Johnson is pleading is of little to no consequence, as long as he keeps it up. Instead you put full faith and credit into the drummer to let him guide you and your outstretched pumping fist further into the air. Guitarist Angus Young also sparkles the whole time. Track 4 "Inject the Venom" is where the vocals take over. No matter how embarrassing it may seem in retrospect, you will yell along with the words, almost begging for another opportunity to say the title.
"Evil Walks" is track 6 and the first instinct is to relate totally with the song. You're pissed off and all of the sudden you're a warrior, constantly battling the elements. But the same time you also become the antagonist, grinning in delight at the horror you can bring on the unsuspecting.
As mentioned, hard rock floods this album, but also keep a lookout for the inspiring and comparatively tame "Breaking The Rules". It's a song that can only be called soft when compared to the rest of the album. I personally receive much pleasure when Johnson, at the very end of the song assertively screams "I'm gonna do things mah own waaay."
AC/DC has the distinction of producing what I think are the two best heavy metal songs to listen to during a violent terrible rainstorm, with "For Those about to Rock (We Salute You) trailing only their 1990 smash "Thunderstruck". Their sound is fascinating, and they look like the toughest bastards you've ever met.
...kris keeker...

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