Alkaline Trio - Goddamnit
Asian Man Records

Alkaline Trio found it. This is the CD that reminds me why i liked
punk.  With songs about girls, cops, drugs, and drinking, you'd think that
they were just another run-of-the-mill punk band.  Not so, my fine lad
(not to be gender specific, just colloquial).  The Alkaline Trio cling to
their punk rock roots (ex-members of slapstick, jerkwater, and 88 Fingers
Louie) but expand on the sound tenfold.  Matt's vocal style is so
distinct, Dan's bass playing so catchy, and Glenn's drumming
so..uh...rocking that they can't help to stand apart in the Chicago punk
underground.  The thing is, this band crosses genres and that's what makes
them so damn likable. At some points, they bust into and "emo" break down
challenging any thoughts of nonoriginality that you once had.  The lyrics
are (for the most part) very dependent on imagery and symbolism, very
unlike the average punk band. Everything about this album makes me want to
start going to punk shows again, this band has the sound everyone needs. I
dont know if I'll ever rejoin the ranks of high schoolers in the pit, but
God knows if I do, it'll be to the sounds of the Alkaline Trio.
...david smith...

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