A Minor Forest - ...So Were They In Some Sort Of Fight?
My Pal God

Warning! For the mature, discerning ear only. If you are not prepared to
work to find musical enjoyment I would suggest passing this one up as you
will most likely find frustration.  If you are prepared to give a record
multiple listens and your complete attention though, this might be for
you.  Background music this ain't.

A Minor Forest comes from the San Francisco bay area and is now, unfortuantely, defunct. As a last testament to their indie-rock lordship, My Pal God decided to re-release their hard to find comp. songs, 7"s, tour LPs, and general collector-nerd goldmines. The sonic destruction contained within is immense. I mean, these guys make Unwound look like a bunch of sissies for christ's sake. At two CD's worth of droning, noisy, over-the-top indie rock, this can be a bit overwhelming. So, take it like I did. Listen in small doses learning each song individually. If you try to take it all in at once, you will surely be engulfed by the musical destruction these guys wield. Take each song for what it is, for by its anthological nature alone, these songs do not all belong together. If you're prepared to actually LISTEN to your music and don't mind a little of the experimental side of indie, don't hesitate in picking this up. I have warned you though: if harsh, complex, sometimes cacophonous stuff really turns you off, I'd save my money.
...david smith...

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