The Animatronics - 2000: The Year of the Future
Morphius Records

As I first put on this album and began to listen, I was scared of what might lie within.
The packaging gave no clue as to what the music might be like -- or, at least, I can say 
that now.  If anything, I was frightened that it might turn out to be an odd half-off tribute 
to the Tron soundtrack.   The first track, "Toidinami Corporate Anthem", begins with some 
arpeggiated synth sounds, and scared me half to oblivion -- I was very ready to instantly 
write the album off as another one of these projects by some group who prominently display 
loud, boring synth tunes so they can call themselves a "new wave band" or what have you, 
while completely forgetting the true appeal of that old genre (in which synths were only a 
complement to the rest of the music, and everything was quite quirky and neat).  Well, as I 
was cowering in fear,  track two, "Monorail Man", appeared and I was suddenly put at ease by 
this delicious riff that reminded me of lots of those early 80s bands who managed to play 
upbeat, entertaining and catchy tunes while still fusing a synthesizer into the mix.  It's a 
feat few bands have since achieved, but gladly The Animatronics have come through.  Going 
through the rest of the album I found lots of songs which make me smile and bob my head and 
lots of lyrics which are irresitably clever... delicious.  There isn't a song that doesn't add 
to this band's definition of their sound, which must be this great kind of energetic robotic 
punk you would possibly expect from a band named The Animatronics... featuring instantly catchy 
tunes which  appeal to the listener (me) with fun (and sometimes futurist-themed) lyrics, great 
vocal harmonies, superb instrumentation, and enough hooks to hold interest and probably make you 
smile and sigh in relief -- other people DO understand what made those good bands of the early 
80s so appealing.  I'm going to leave off that traditional description of certain exceptional 
tracks because an entire listen is worthwhile, and the album as a whole is a complete and good 
production.  Skipping around is not worth your time.  The Animatronics rock and deserve your 
support.  Sell out or buy into the Toidinami Corporation. 
...tim johnson...

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