Antarctica - 81:03
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Let me make no secret about it -- I adore 80's music.  The hair, the
androgyny, the white-washed videos on MTV, all of it.  Heck, the Duran
Duran LPs were the first records I ever owned (and they sit in my room to
this day).  Luckily this 80s revival feeling has been going strong in this
little scene of ours.  Certainly at the forefront of this movement is a
band from New York City called Antarctica.  A little over a year ago they
toured the United States once and released a three song CD at the same
time.  I had the good fortune of catching them on the tour and have since
fallen head over heels for this band.  This was easily my most anticipated
album of the year as I had been hearing of its making for many months.

Without surprise, this does not let me down. Although they have since changed their sound, they have become no less amazing. They have since added more emphasis on the electronic aspect of their music - hence the length of this album. On top of the seven minute 80s-ish/shoegazer pop songs we get entrancing electronic interludes accenting the rest of the album. I can imagine this would turn off some listeners and may disappoint some, but it really shouldn't. This album flows smoothly over its 81 minute span without lilt, engaging until the end. While maybe not as monumental, this album reminds me of the epic "Loveless" by My Bloody Valentine. Both intertwine and fold over themselves aqueously. While certainly inspired and in the spirit of MBV, they also forge their own identity; do not mistake that. Taking parts MBV, The Cure, Depeche Mode, and trance-y electronica Antarctica has created a wholly satisfying and flowing album. Highly recommended.
...david smith...

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