A-Set - The Science of Living Things
Tree Records

Back in the early 90's there was this band based out of california called
Mohinder.  Now, this band has since created quite a cult following and after
doing a few 7"s broke up and spawned a bunch of bands afterwards.  Now,
Mohinder was an extremely fast, chaotic, noisy band characterized by spastic
sreaming over all the noise. While thats all well and good, I think I prefer
the bands that came from them.  We've had Duster, Calm, Haelah, Urban Legends,
and now we have A-Set. What A-Set basically is, is the solo unit of Albert
Menduno (also in Duster).  He got a couple of his friends together and we got
a pretty good record.

As far as I can tell he is playing the lead guitar parts and doing all the singing. Tim Kinsella helps out on the guitar in places, but it's nothing noticeable or anything like that. His voice is really cool, it's got a certain likeable twangy, nasaly quality to it. That might sound annoying, but it's really not bad. It's distinct. So here's how it goes: most songs have him singing and playing guitar over a pretty simple drum line with an organ of some sort usually playing in the background. Sound good? Well, believe me, it is. He's going to be playing in Chicago at the Tree Records fest in early April with Tim Kinsella and Jen Wood. I highly suggest you pick up this record and go see him perform.
...david smith...

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