At the Drive In - Vaya
Fearless Records

Ahhh, this is one of dem bands that's doin' that maturin' thang, eh? What
happened to dat punk rock sonic assault, boys? Wait, what's that you say?
I have to actually listen to this CD with a keen ear?! Get out! I'm not
sure if I can handle that one....but I'll try.

World reknowned for their absolutely explosive live show (whoa, I've seen them [finally] and I can attest to this one) these guys have built up a huge following not necessarily based on their musical prowess or completely original songwriting. I'd have to wager it's more due to their passion and infectious energy. This CD is obviously making an attempt to change all of that. The second in their two record "deal" with Fearless, At The Drive In once again progresses and builds upon their already strong foundation. The CD starts outs with fuzzy feedback and goes all out from there. Samples and odd timing changes abound while the straight up rock out parts are fewer and farther between. That is not to say that their brand of nation of ulysses-kicking-Ian-out-and-recruiting-Zach-of- Rage-Against-the-Machine rock is not intact. We still get the crazy, bombastic drumming and the shouted, staccato vocals but now they've slowed it down some. They make us want them to explode now instead of doing it in each and every song. We want them to build and build and build til the end when they finally do give us what we love so much. I'll admit it for us all, we are whores for this kind of stuff and At The Drive In does it about as well as anyone out there.
At The Drive In is moving on to bigger and better things and they're progressing their sound along the way. With each record and tour they have grown exponentially in the song-writing department. Where I once had them pegged as a Get Up Kids wannabe band and then a good, if not average punk band, they have upped themselves. Let's hope for their sake that the mass market eats this stuff up, because like it or not, that's where this band is heading. Let's also hope to god they're not opening for Kid Rock a year from now.
...david smith...

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