Aunt Beaph - 2000AB
Crustacean Records

I was pretty surprised this CD wasn't horrific. 
In fact, it was pretty okay.

Same basic principle as The Great Milenko by the Insane Clown Posse -- lots of overblown ostensibly angry noises both vocal and instrumental and songs that try really hard to be disturbing or shocking. For the most part, they do not quite get there.
Still in all, the music is decent. Lots of abrupt starts and stops and shifts in musical style. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it's just annoying, but it works well more often than it is annoying. The vocals are well meaning -- you can always tell what image they are trying to convey and sometimes it even works.
Gopher Guts is a funny song, if it was meant to be self-parody. Frat Boy Junkie falls into the same problems as 90% of anti-frat boy songs, because it turns out sounding more bitter than mocking. Nothing on the album really stands out, but nothing especially sucks either.
If the album were a girl, it'd be the girl who starts getting really sexy after about 5 beers and who you aren't exactly ashamed to admit to knowing the next day and might tumble again, next time you have 5 beers and she's handy.
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