Ben Lee - Breathing Tornados
Grand Royal

Hmm.  This is really, really, really interesting.  I guess Ben Lee would be
classified as semi-acoustic (seeing as how he only plays acoustic guitar on
the album, I think), but there are drum loops, samples, and wacky sounds
abounding.  The CD kicks off with "Cigarettes Will Kill You," which starts
off with just him and his guitar, and gets you caught up in the whole rush
of the CD.  Along the way you get to hear "Nothing Much Happens" (the
chorus of which will stick in your head forever [this is the song he's
played on 120 Minutes and the Late Late Show, among others), "Tornados" (a
nice little pop number), and "Burn To Shine" (which just is so damn catchy,
and it's accentuated with his droopy vocals).  Plus, he must be close to
the luckiest man alive, as he gets to date Claire Danes.  Whoo.  Anyways, I
need to get more of Ben Lee, and soon.  I recommend you do, too.
...scott heisel...

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