Best Boy Electric - Songs of Latitude and Longitude
Grand Theft Autumn

Sad songs say so much.  Long, intricate, sad
songs say even more if they are done well, and Best
Boy Electric does them well indeed.

There is no getting around comparing "Songs of Latitude and Longitude" to a Red House Painters album, which is unfortunate in a way. Being compared to the Red House Painters is like being compared to your girlfriend's favourite movie star -- flattering to be sure, but you just know you're always going to pull up a little bit short.
Best Boy Electric *does* come up a little short of the Red House Painters or the American Music Club -- but that should in no way mar this album. It is beautiful, utterly beautiful.
The album contains 8 long, slow, sullen, intricate songs that deal with loss, alienation, and disillusionment. What separates it from other albums along similar lines is that it's good. The instrumentals are pretty, the vocals are engaging and the lyrics range from good to exceptional.
"Songs of Latitude and Longitude" is not something you want to put on if you're in a hurry -- it demands a lengthy time commitment and, for the first few listens, quite a lot of concentration as well. But it's well worth the effort -- in fact I have heard little lately worth more effort, or that pays off so well after a careful listen.
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