Billy Mahonie - The Big Dig
Too Pure

One of the annoying things about Tortoise is that you feel all intellectual
while listening to them. I am in college, and so are most of my friends, so
I have no problem trying to sell them on Tortoise. But bands like Tortoise
aren't generally for the consumption of the GED crowd.

The U.K.'s Billy Mahonie (a band, not a person) capture the instrumental majesty of Tortoise, but lower it to a more rocking scale, making it fit for consumption for a much larger segment of the population.
Billy Mahonie create a subtle fusion of jazz, math-rock, and pure, no-holds-barred rawk. It works so well that you'll go from bobbing your head lightly to the jazzier stuff to full out head banging (if it weren't so passe) without even noticing.
Billy Mahonie don't exactly tread new ground, but they do a great job at creating instrumental music that anyone can rock out to. I expect you'll be hearing a lot about this band soon -- and don't be surprised if it's all good things.
...john heisel...

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