Biz Markie - The Biz Never Sleeps
Cold Chillin' Records

        Seeing as how it's already February, and arguably it's also quite
warm outside, I don't feel as if I'm at all taking liberties when I say:
"Spring is just around the corner".  Other than dropping your winter coat,
and once again becoming a connoisseur of all things popsicle, spring and
the warmer months ahead signify a dramatic increase in both hardcore
"cruisin'", and frosty-cold "chillin'", for a great majority of the living
        One giant necessity that the vernal equinox demands is a phat
rhyme-laden album that will make your head thump.  Hip-hop all-star Biz
Markie's 1989 beat fest THE BIZ NEVER SLEEPS adheres to old-school
mottos like "keepin' it real" to provide ample lyrical and musical
orchestration well into August.  For 13 straight excellent tracks, The
Diabolical Biz lays it all down simply and modestly, with few of the
played-out commercial interruptions that plague the industry today.
        Primarily and wonderfully, THE BIZ NEVER SLEEPS contains the
legendary "Just a Friend", wherein an everyday utopian fantasy is first
wounded by petty skepticism, and then destroyed by absolute reality.
Biz's dead-on vocal accuracy in the chorus alone deserves to be on
permanent display in the Smithsonian.  Track 4 ("Spring Again") and Track
6 ("She's Not Just Another Woman (Monique)") nicely surround that
masterpiece with infectious beats, and solidify the album as a whole.
	Also fun is sidekick Cutmaster Cool V's explosion on "I Hear Music",
track 2's wise "Check It Out",  song 10's sobering "My Man Rich", and
track 8's hilarious "Thing Named Kim", which, along with DJ Jazzy Jeff &
The Fresh Prince's 1989 effort "The Girlie Had A Mustache", reigns as
some of the best transvestite-themed rap ever produced.
...kris keeker...

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