Blink 182 - Enema of the State
MCA Records

I wanted so hard not to be disappointed, I really did.  But it's hard.
Blink 182 has been a band that has matured from album to album, which
unfortunately hurts them a hell of a lot, considering they're known for
their humor.  "Enema" doesn't go deep into the humor realm beyond the album
title, save a few songs (the most notable being "Aliens Exist," a song
written and sung [in that trademark high, whiny voice] by Tom DeLonge, the
guitarist).  The band has matured a lot, and their sound has evolved quite
a bit with the addition of Travis, the former drummer for the Aquabats.
They sound tighter as a group, at least on the CD.  I've yet to hear the
new lineup in concert so I can't tell you how well older favs like "M&Ms"
and "Carousel" hold up, but if this CD is any indication, Blink is as
cohesive as they've ever been.  The lyrics have gotten deeper, too, and
there are a few parts (i.e. "What's My Age Again?") that sound a tad bit --
dare I say it -- *emo*, both lyrically and musically.  SO I stand at a
crossroads.  Should I accept the new Blink for all their maturity and
*gasp* seriousness, or should I just throw "Chesire Cat" back in the ol' CD
player?  Let me know what you choose, because I still haven't made up my mind.
...scott heisel...

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