Blue Meanies - Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
Asian Man Records

For those of you familiar with the Blue Meanies, the first thing that
probably comes to your mind when you hear the band's name is a blend of
fast, hard, wacky music that incorporates elements of ska, punk, jazz,
metal, and just about every other type of music imaginable.  The Blue
Meanies, unable to classify their own sound, have dubbed themselves
"Carnival Punk."  Their more recent releases, such as Full Throttle, seem
to be getting consecutively harder and crazier.  Kiss Your Ass Goodbye is
one of their earlier albums, but it has been recently re-released.
Although this CD has the classic nutty Blue Meanies sound, it is
significantly less "crazy" than their more recent releases.  Anyone who's
only familiar with their newer releases should definitely check out this
release, especially if you hate the sound they currently have.  You may be
pleasantly surprised.
...kevin pasquinelli...

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