Bluetip - Join Us
Dischord Records

This is the second full-length album from Washington DC's Bluetip, and 
it rocks just like the first one did.  They feature ex-members of the 
seminal harDCore band, Swiz, and current members of Sweetbelly Freakdown 
(who are actually Swiz incarnate).  While not sounding too much like 
either of those two bands, they certainly draw from the local DC sound.  
Discordant guitars, driving rhythm, enough post-punk to shake a stick 
at, they blast through 12 songs with reckless abandon.  Jason Farrell's 
accented, raspy voice goes from a smoother style of singing to a quick, 
throaty shout in mere seconds.  It takes some getting used to, but it 
definitely adds to the originality of this band. This band is becoming a 
modern DC giant, not quite the status of Fugazi, but hey, they havent 
been around that long either..  
...david smith...

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