Blue Meanies - A Sonic Documentation of Exhibition and Banter
Asian Man Records

Live albums usually suck. There are some bands, however, whose energy and style just can't be
captured anywhere but in the live setting. And so we have the paradoxical offering of a live cd.
The Blue Meanies are a band that must be experienced live, but, barring that, this CD will actually
do rather well. The Meanies are a wild band whose drunken performances are captured well on this
CD. Tracks were recorded all across America -- Chicago, Tallahassee, New York City and San
Francisco, just to name a few locations -- but, amazingly, the disc manages to retain some sort of
coherence. From the Wesley Willis introduction to the end of the disc some 74 and a half minutes
later, the Blue Meanies (or, as Wesley refers to them, "Chicago's very own Blue motherfucking
Meanies") tear through all the best songs on their two full length albums, as well as the classic
"Pave The World," which has an 8 minute or so version on here. Just fyi for fans, some of the other
songs included are "Send Help," "Smash the Magnavox," "Acceleration 5000," "The Shitfuck Man,"
"Johnny Mortgage" and a dozen or so others. For every one of you who saw the Blue Meanies live,
bought their CD, went home and was disappointed -- this album is for you. And it's worth it. 
...john heisel...

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