Bondo - Fistful of Biscuits

    This is really good.  And I am more surprised than anybody.  Sure,
there are horns that creep into the songs every now and then and hurt
my ears a little bit. And there is nothing inventive instrumentally,
but it sure is loud.

"Grunt Big for Daddy" is good. "Just Wanna Get Horny" is good. "Don't Touch my Bourbon" is excellent. "Baby Sitter" is the kind of song Jarvis Cocker might write if he were from Chicago and not such a candy ass.
The album is a little bit reminiscent of Reverend Horton Heat, actually, except that I vastly prefer Bondo.
This project was clearly put together on a shoe string, but the production and sound quality is excellent and the songs are good. What else do you need to know? Buy it.
...ron provine...

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