Bracket/Humble Beginnings - Age & Experience vs. Youth & Cunning
Too Hep

This is probably the coolest thing I've seen this year -- a DOUBLE split
CD.  If you don't understand, it means that each band gets their own CD, so
if one band sucks [which in this case, one certainly does], you don't have
to skip past their tracks to get to the good shit.  Anyways, moving on to
the review: Why does Bracket have to suck so much?  I don't get it.  I've
tried SO hard to like these guys, but first off, there's no way in hell
they even know what punk is [not that I do, but regardless].  They sound
like weak power-pop [is that an oxymoron?], with a tinge of country in some
stuff.  They contribute 7 songs to their disc, and supposedly they're all
unreleased, but I'm almost positive I've heard "Shoegazer," their first
song, on a comp somewhere.  Moving on, Humble Beginnings rocks, and you all
need to know this.  These four kids from New Jersey have so much talent
it's ridiculous.  They play essentially emotionally-tinged melodic
hardcore.  I guess if you took equal parts Avail, Get Up Kids, No Use For A
Name, and Oblivion, you'll get them, maybe.  It's really hard to describe,
so why not just go buy something of theirs somewhere?  You really won't
regret it.  The kids put on a super-great live show, too, as I found out
last August, and they also are incredibly nice.  So I guess I'm happy that
they got to do this split CD because now they will get a lot more exposure
being tag-teamed with Bracket, even if the aforementioned band sucks a
mule's ass.  Oh well, that's the beauty of the double split CD: Disc 1
doesn't ever have to be played ever again.
...scott heisel...

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