Bracket - When All Else Fails
Fat Wreck Chords

I hate Bracket.  I should be able to end the review right there, but I'm 
sure if I did, John wouldn't print it.  So, I'll go into detail about the 
new album.  It's 13 songs long, and there is actually a good song on here - 
"Everyone Is Telling Me I'll Never Win If I Fall In Love With A Girl From 
Marin" [yes, that is the actual song title].  Everything else on here just 
sounds like typical Bracket.  They always end up on the more pop than punk 
side of things, and this record is no exception.  I really can't tell you 
why I dislike this band.  I mean, it's not like I champion Fat Wreck for 
quality skate punk or something.  In fact, there's only a few bands on Fat 
that I really like, so my hatred is not from a label bias.  It might come 
from the singer's high-pitched voice driving me absolutely nuts.  It might 
come from the country influence that shows up in too many songs for me to 
be comfortable with.  It might be because people like their band and they 
don't like mine.  Whatever the reason is, the point remains that I do not 
like Bracket, and probably never will.  I just don't understand what people 
see in these guys.
...scott heisel...

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