Bright Eyes - Every Day and Every Night
Saddle Creek

Elliott Smith, eat your heart out.  This nineteen year old boy-genius
should be nipping at your self depricating, shed-a-tear-for-my-personal-problems 
heels soon enough.  This guy plays Elliott's game almost as well as he does, 
sans herion addict lyrics, of course.  With tinges of country sensibility 
and punk rock desperation, Connor Oberst has recorded a stellar followup 
to his equally grand second album, Letting Off the Happiness. I might even 
venture forth to say that only due to its brevity does it not surpass that 
last album's status as the premier Bright Eyes Recording.  However, if 
you've never heard the band, I would suggest starting here.  Each track 
is solid and lush, all relying heavily on Connor's desperate, yelping,
not-as-annoying-as-but-sounding-really-close-to-Tim-Kinsella vocal style.
The centerpiece to everything, though, are the lyrics.

With lines like "I believe that lovers should be tied together and thrown onto the ocean in the worst of weather," you'd think he's been through it all. They are written with the knowledge, skill, and sincerity most anyone would be envious of; I know I sure am. Sung in the most pleading of ways, you'd think that he was dying to tell us this, that his whole life hinged on the relaying of his message. His desperation is endearing, warm, and moving. The end result of all of this is a highly emotional and involving listen. Being only five tracks long, it leaves all of us established fans salivating for more; for anyone unfamiliar, I suggest starting here and working your way back down.
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