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No Idea

Wow, it's like the Woodstock of punk, ska, and emo all on one comp!  No
Idea does it again, having just about every band who's ever been associated
with them on this comp.  With a wide variety of music, featuring bands such
as Coalesce, Less Than Jake, Hot Water Music(doing "Alachua" LIVE!),
Hankshaw, Schlong, I Hate Myself, Jud Jud, and Tomorrow, you'll be hard
pressed to look on here and not find one band you like.  Most cuts are
taken from previous releases, but some bands (Clairmel, Twelve Hour Turn,
Lexingtons, and more) contribute new, fresh songs.  The only problem with
this comp is that (like many other things in life) it's too damn long!
With 33 songs, it clocks in at almost 78 minutes!  The word overkill comes
to mind...
...scott heisel...

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