Boris the Sprinkler - Suck
Go Kart Records

Woo hoo, new Boris CD!!!!!  If you've never heard of this band, where the
hell have you been?  Fronted by Rev. N0rb (the jilted ex-MRR columnist) and
with a calvacade of band members behind him, this Green Bay punk quartet
slams out 15 songs, plus 3 hidden tracks (one being the entire CD all over
again)!  The sheer hilarity of the lyrics are barely overshadowed by the
actual musicianship displayed on the album.  This band has grown quite
tight and is comfortable with their ability to not take anything seriously.
If anyone really has a completely accurate description for this band, let
me know.  Until then, I'll call them rock 'n' roll.
...scott heisel...

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