The Burgundy Romance
Boxcar Records

I can't remember exactly who is in this band but I do believe it is a
side project of one of the members of The Mercury Program.  I don't know
what that tells you, but for me it was more than enough to get excited
about. The Burgundy Romance are definitely a band that can stand on their
own two feet, however.  Mostly instrumental, decidely pensive and
down-tempo they (he?) create lonely, wintertime rock songs.  I suppose
the best way to put it is that this basically sounds like Kerosene 454
slowed way down.  The band Cole from Chapel Hill reminds me of this band a
lot.  Very "DC" and off kilter, they play winding ballads that usually end
up becoming dischord-ant and intense.  There's no pop filler here, just
complex (in a strangely minimal sort of way) and cold melancholia.  There
aren't any song titles and very few liner notes, just a black and white
picture of an empty couch with a window exposing bare trees in the
background.  That couldn't be more fitting.  This is a really good CD and
great for those winter nights spent alone (or drunk and half passed out if
you prefer).
...david smith...

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