Cadillac Blindside - Read the Book Seen The Movie
Soda Jerk Records

One of their song titles is "Just Pull The Trigger."  I couldn't agree 
more.  This CD is so derivative of every emo band out there right 
now.  Is there any reason for a band like this to exist?  I mean, it's not 
even remotely original.  Every song seems to fall into the mid-tempo 
emo-rock vein, and each song just plods along.  The lyrics are nothing if 
not stereotypically "emo", and the song titles?  Gimme a break.  "Fashion 
Before Function."  "Milemarker 92."  "At Wit's End."  This CD just screams 
sweaters and horn-rimmed glasses.  Buddy Holly, anyone?  I wish there was 
something nice I could say about this band, since they seem like nice 
people, but I just can't get anything to come out.  Heck, they're even 
pretty boring live [all except for their drummer, who was fun to watch -- 
I've never seen anyone throw that much energy into pounding the skins -- 
kudos].  Kids, please pass on this.  Go to the source of the water, not the 
spot where all the streams slam into each other and create a mess.
...scott heisel...

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