Candy Snatchers - Human Zoo
Go Kart Records

I think the Candy Snatchers played in town last semester, but I was wary to go. After listening to
this disc numerous times, I am kicking myself in the ass for not going. The Candy Snatchers play
fast barroom punk rock in the Nashville Pussy vein. The lyrics seem to revolve around drinking
("I've got no time to waste / I'm the drunkest motherfucker in outer space"), fighting ("Well, you
start talking shit, you know there's gonna be a fight"), and, well, more drinking ("I'm down at the
bar, don't know how good it feels"). This is punk rock that actually rocks. When I listen to this
CD I am transported to the smokey bar I wasn't in, raising a bottle of beer in a cheer, doing a
shot of vodka, and then chasing it with the very beer I held high moments ago. Oh wait, I'm not 21,
I can't do those things, hah. Anyway, this is punk rock for the drunk inside you begging to get out
and rock.
...john heisel...

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