Cleveland Bound Death Sentence - S/T
Lookout Records

Opening up the cd booklet for the Cleveland Bound Death Sentence CD, the
touch of Aaron Cometbus was unmistakable. All the liner notes were written
in his meticulous all-caps style that he has made famous through his own
zine. Like the zine, the words are not merely -there-, but they tell
stories. In language that is simple but effective, Aaron writes lyrics
that anyone can relate to. Now on to the music. Now on to the music. The
aural onslaught reminds me of something out of the late 70s or early 80s.
Very nice, slightly sloppy, poorly produced hardcore with raspy male and
snotty female vocals. If you're looking for some more lo fi punk rock to
make your summer complete, pick this CD up.     
...john heisel...

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