Cause For Alarm - Beneath the Wheel
Victory Records

I was slightly afraid to listen to this at first -- I looked through the
book and read the smart and well-written treatise on the state of punk
rock and it mentioned Krsna conciousness at many points. I don't like the
connection religion of any sort has made with punk rock, but I looked past
that and listened to the CD. Musically, the album starts out pretty
boring. Some chugga-chugga riffs, but not as hard as Victory puts out. The
singer can actually *sing*, which is another plus for this band. The
lyrics, fortunately, aren't terribly preachy either. So that sounds good,
right? Well, um...somehow it goes wrong. "Hole We Live In," for some
reason, sounds like it skips at various points in the song...I checked my
CD -- there's no scratches -- but I hope this is a problem only with my
copy. Other than the skips, it's a decent song. But the album really picks
up on the fourth track, "Cleanser." "Cleanser" and the three songs that
follow it rock pretty hard. Unfortunately, the end of the album falters
and loses momentum. The last song, "Prabupada" is a pretty good song that
could've been a great song had Cause for Alarm added a little more melody
and taken out a bit of the chugga-chugga riffs. The hidden track on
"Beneath the Wheel" really kicks ass, though. It's fast hardcore and it
totally rocks. I can't recommend this album wholeheartedly, but I imagine
if you're a fan of this band you've already got this.
...john heisel...

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