Chelsea Multiplier 7"

It's funny how things grow on you. Just last Saturday, I was telling Nate,
one of Chelsea Multiplier's guitarists, that I thought the demo version of
this 7"s a-side, "Eventually Unless Noted" was much better than the 7"
version. Over the last week, though, I've played this 7" a few times, and I
think I like the 7" version better, as it's much closer to the live version
I saw these kids perform so many times last summer. "Eventually" is sung by
Jenny, the other guitarist, and while her vocals sound deeper than they did
on the demo, they haven't lost any of their beauty. This song remains my
favorite Chelsea Multiplier song, and I am glad to have it on vinyl that
will last a lot longer than the demo tape. The b-side, "The Inevitable
Course of Things to Come," is a song I can't remember ever hearing live,
but Nate assures me I heard it, so, yeah, whatever. It starts out soft and
melodic with dual vocals reminding me of Rainer Maria, and develops a loud
electric undercurrent that is punctuated with the screamed chorus. The song
breaks down into a spoken/screamed part before returning to the melodic
guitar driven indie/emo. The packaging for this 7" is super cool, too: it
looks like they took a clasp envelope, lightly sprayed it with white paint
and then screen printed the artwork over it, giving it a very cool look.
Although Chelsea Multiplier is no more, this 7" will provide a positive
memory for all those who ever saw them live, or now may come to wish they
...john heisel...

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