Chinkees - Peace Through Music
Asian Man Records

"Peace Through Music", the newest release of ex-Skankin' Pickle vocalist Mike
"Bruce Lee" Park, can best be described in one word:  Clutch.

The Chinkees continue to amaze me with how well they are able to take traditional ska, modernize it completely, even add some occasional punk riffs, and still keep the music sounding good.
For those of you not familiar with the Chinkees, they are an extremely political band, anti-racism being the cause they support. The name "The Chinkees" is meant to be offensive to the general public. The reason? To make people THINK. It's a statement about the pointlesness of racism. Why name the band "The Chinkees" rather than some other racial slur? Simple: as you may have already guessed, all of the band members are Asian.
I would highly recommend this release to any brand of ska fan, even the hardcore old-school freaks (like myself). The way the band blends old and new sounds leaves little to be desired; it's a sound that almost anyone can get into.
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