Chixdiggit! - From Scene to Shining Scene
Honest Don's

I guess all I can say is that Chixdiggit! [don't forget the exclamation 
point, kids] is a pop-punk band.  No, no, they're a POPPY pop-punk 
band.  In fact, they're probably the poppiest pop-punk band that has popped 
up in recent years, and they're from Canada, to boot!  They plow through 11 
songs on their newest CD with only two topping 3 minutes and five songs 
under two.  Their music is pretty straightforward with no discernable 
surprises, and the singer's vocals are a nice touch to this band.  He 
really helps separate them from the pack with his more high-pitched, 
half-whiny [in a good way] vocals.  It's also on Honest Don's, so you know 
it's produced really really well.  And for all you technologically advanced 
people, you can pop this into your CD-ROM and get all sorts of multimedia 
goodies.  If you're a fan of Chixdiggit!, I don't need to tell you to pick 
this up.  If you're not, but you enjoy really really good pop-punk, then 
there isn't much of a better place to start than at this album.
...scott heisel...

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