Citizens' Utilities - No More Medicine
Mute Records

The sticker on No More Medicine's cover told me to expect, "Traditional
vocal harmonies, skewed country-western lyrics, and rock-n-roll attitude,"
so I expected something from the fledgling alternative-country scene. My
expectations weren't exactly let down. No More Medicine starts out slightly
slowly with "She Taught Me Everything There Is To Know About Poultry," which
has vocals reminding me of the Beach Boys. All that tradition, you know. The
album moves on and has faster and slower, louder and softer parts, but
sounds more like the Geraldine Fibbers than Whiskeytown. Citizens' Utilties
seem to draw a lot more from the alternative world than the country world,
and for the first half of the album it works. By the end, however, the songs
begin to get a little bland and boring, and you're left wishing the album
would end. To your surprise, it does, and then you start it over, and listen
to the beauty of that "Poultry" song again.
...john heisel...

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