Custom Made Scare - The Greatest Show on Dirt
Side 1 Dummy

The press sheet for this album promised me "Hot rod cow punk!" (exclamation
point theirs, not mine). Unfortunately, it was quite a let down. The band
certainly looks like they're from the south, and have the obligatory tough
looking vocalist and geeky, glasses-wearing band members, apparently like
to drink, sing songs about truck stop chicks, laziness, white trash girls,
and other such things. But this doesn't do anything for me. The music seems
to be played energetically, but simultaneously, sounds completely without
energy. The vocals on most of the songs sound like the singer (simply
"Charlie") is trying to fake a Texas accent for the sake of the music.
Quite often the vocals sound like Illinois' funk-punk-metal-whatever-band
NIL8's singer. And while I like his slightly warbly vocal stylings, they
don't work well in the atomosphere this band has attempted to create. This
band has played with Social Distortion, Southern Culture on the Skids and
Zeke, among others, but I'd take any of those bands over Custome Made Scare
any day. Like the band sings on "Texas Didn't Wreck Us": "Texas didn't
wreck us / Cause we haven't been there yet." Maybe once Custom Made Scare
ventures outside of California, which they apparently call home, and spend
some time in Texas, their music will gain a validity and will return to my
stereo to annoy my neighbors. For now though, this CD is going to the used
bin quicker than a Texas taco runs through my digestive tract.
...john heisel...

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