Consolidated - Tikkun Survivor Demos
Orchard Records

What happens when you combine The Red Hot Chili Peppers, NSYNC,
Everlast and early 1990's production? You get tikkun-survivor demos, the
new album from Consolidated! When I first saw this cd I was stoked
because I had heard Consolidated was a great industrial band, and maybe
they were, or maybe it was a different band, but this is not industrial.
Some of the songs on this album probably could have made it to MTV a few
years ago, (and probably still could), but when it sounds like Boys II
Men or Bone Thugs in Harmony are singing philological songs about how
there is no God and about how we need to bring the capitalists to their
knees, its hard to take a band seriously. I can't really make a general
recommendation to the public for this cd, but those who like The
Backstreet Boys/NSYNC take note!    
...rob biavati...

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