Consumed - Hit For Six
Fat Wreck Chords

Ok, so it's Fat punk.  But if you're one of those people who pigeonhole
bands by the label they're on, then you'll be missing out on one of the
best albums of 1999.  Consumed is a four piece from England, and these boys
sure know how to rock across the Atlantic.  The album kicks off with
"Sunnyside Up," your basic super-fast melodic punk anthem, just the right
thing to get you into the "punk" mindset.  The band isn't afraid to stray
into dissonance, though, as shown on "King Kong Song."  The way the bass
line rubs against the guitar line in the pre-chorus is frankly genious, and
it gets the average listener saying "Why won't the damn bassist play the
right note?"  The guitarwork overall on this album is nothing short of
spectacular.  These guys know how to write some catchy-as-all-hell riffs,
and they have enough talent to be able to play them fast.  REALLY fast.
The drumming is your basic "bass-snare-bass bass-snare" patterns for the
most part, but the drummer keeps time very well, and the fills accent with
the rest of the band, a skill that is lacking in a lot of punk bands
nowadays.  Then we come to the singer.  His voice has just that right
amount of urgency that makes you take note of his frantic vocals.  The
lyrics are not that amazing by themselves, but it's all in the delivery, in
my opinion.  This guy could make "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" sound good.
Plus, they succeed in the most vital aspect of punk:  No song is over three
minutes long (except "King Kong Song, which is 3:08).  This is half the
reason that this band rocks so hard.  Even if there's a song you don't
like, it's almost over before you hit the "skip" button.  This is by far
the best band on Fat (save No Use For A Name), and you'd be a fool not to
check them out.
...scott heisel...

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