Covenant - Nexus Polaris
Nuclear Blast

Wow! This is different! Covenant is a black metal "supergroup" featuring members of Dimmu Borgir,
Cradle of Filth, Mayhem, and Arcturus. Quite an evil crew, but don't expect the usual highspeed
worship of all things sinister. This is a band that creates some incredible symphonic and deep

It has a lot of typical black metal sound, but speed and harshness have been softened with baroque
melodies and keyboard-based spaciness. Have no fear, though, metal maniac, for the guitar stuff is
still quite heavy, and there's plenty of fretwork to satisfy.

The best thing about Covenant is he angelic, operatic vocals of female singer Sarah. When she joins
in, the listening is breath-taking...for example, listen to the amazing opening to "Bizarre Cosmic
Industries". Her sweet tones make a good contrast to the gruff, troll-like tones of regular singer,

Musicianship and production here is top-notch...a rarity in modern black metal. The keyboard work
of Sverd is especially outstanding. The more melodic approach of Covenant is bound to disappoint
the fierecest among you, but the band is still plenty heavy and I found their more orchestrated
approach to black metal to be very listenable. 
...mike korn...

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