Cottonmouth, Texas - The Right to Remain Silent
Heiress Aesthetic

There's something funny about burnouts trying to be deep. When a person focuses so much on any one
thing, be it sex or knowledge, or substances, then presents themself as if their consumption is
valid, the person ends up looking kind of stupid. In the case of Jeffery Liles, AKA Cottonmouth
Texas, spoken word that time and again addresses the positive use of drugs is laid over a backdrop
of jazzy ambient chill-out music. This unsuccessful attempt at making drug usage look liberating
simply makes Liles seem one-dimensional. On his album "The Right to Remain Silent," Liles' subdued
poetry runs the gamut of drug consumption from pot to LSD to heroin. The music is a clever,
although not original, melding of cool jazz and synthesized ambience. It would appear that the
music is meant to facilitate the idea that drug usage is capable of expanding one's capacity for
thought. Whether or not one agrees with substance use is irrelevant. Cottonmouth, Texas becomes
boring on the basis that Liles' self-indulgent rants about being high can't hold one's attention.
When clean, a person would become bored hearing about drugs, and when high I'd assume that a person
would rather hear cool music than pseudointellectual rants. Point being, if you like moderately
interesting "acid jazz," tune out Liles' voice and enjoy. If you're looking for something to trip
out to, throw Cottonmouth, Texas away and pop in some Stereolab.
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