Cursive - Cursive's Domestica
Saddle Creek

Unlike some bands that try to cash-in on their breakup by releasing a
plethora of CDs, Cursive has chosen to reunite and create their best album

Cursive's Domestica is a document of singer/songwriter Tim Kasher's ill-fated marriage. While the song structures don't vary too much from the Cursive we've known in the past, the lyrics focus on fact rather than prediction.
Kasher's lyrics have always predicted that things -- particularly romance -- was a painful experience that would not work out in the end. His lyrics on Domestica take the opposite path and use his experience to show that he was right.
Domestica's songs tell the tale of Pretty Baby and Sweetie. Pretty Baby is the female role here, and it's obvious from the start that Kasher places the blame on Pretty Baby -- the album's opener already places her as someone with problems when she tells Sweetie that "[she] must learn to abort these feelings / this romance is bleeding."
As the album continues, Sweetie and Pretty Baby's romance continues to disintegrate through songs that sound like accusations ("The Game of Who Needs Who The Worst") and songs that sound like conversations/arguments ("The Radiator Hums").
Finally, Domestica reaches it's sad conclusion on it's final track, "The Night I Lost The Will To Fight." This song could serve as an epitaph for Kasher's failed romance, and it's universality could serve the same purpose for all of us. "One February night," Kasher sings, "We screamed our agonies / And I swear I tried to care ... But the icicles hung down like prison bars / And I lost the will to fight."
Domestica is the perfect album for anyone going through a troubled relationship. It is dark and bitter album and it revels in it.
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