Dan Potthast - Eyeballs
Asian Man Records

In the past month or so, I've heard two albums with ex-MU330 singers. Is
that band's vocal unit something like AC/DC's revolving door of drummers?
Whatever the case, this Dan Potthast CD is pretty damn good. I like it lots
better than the Orange Tree CD that featured some other ex-MU330 singer.
Dan Potthast does the solo thing, and basically strips it down to acoustic
guitar and the occasional harmonica. His voice is subdued, yet
simultaneously powerful to grip your attention. It's got quite an indie
rock feel, and there are even acoustic ska riffs thrown in for good
measure. The lyrics aren't exactly the deepest in the world, but it's okay,
because these songs all rock about as much as an acoustic song can. If
you're a fan of the acoustic stuff Alkaline Trio stuck on their debut LP
last year, I'd recommend you to pick this up. Dan Potthast has the same
slightly off-key, emotional vocals that make those songs two of my
favorites on the album. Only Dan's songs all have a much more upbeat slant
to them. If you're looking for a minimalist album that can still grab your
attention and get your head nodding, check out Dan Potthast's solo album.
...john heisel...

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