The Distillers - S/T
Hellcat Records

Ugh, this girl's voice sounds so much like Courtney Love I can't stand it.
The music is decent enough, it's just basically loud and fast punk rock.
We've all heard it all before, the only thing special is that this band is
3/4 female [but they're not even attractive!].  I just really can't stomach
this girl's voice.  I hate Hole, and I'm not really liking this band any.
To add to their overall blandness, they even butcher a Patti Smith song.
There are hundreds of thousands of punk bands out there, and the Distillers
show that not all of them have talent.  Hellcat should stick to their ska
bands, cause the Gadjits and the Slackers are damn good.  This is not.   
...scott heisel...

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