Doc Hopper - Zigs Yaws and Zags
Go Kart Records

    This is pretty much what I expected but better.  Stylishly clumsy
instrumental sounds, good vocals, and song titles like 'She's a
Cokehead' and 'Course in Sleeping Alone'.  

It'd be a terrible out and out lie to say there is much innovative on 'zigs, yaws and zags' by Doc Hopper, but I would be remiss if I didn't say it's an enjoyable album. There is nothing new here, but all the same old stuff I hear on it, I pretty much like.

Most of the album is full of songs about what it is like to be a punk to whom not a lot happens beyond the punk routine. But the song that takes the rest of the album up a notch in my estimation is "Einsten Married His Cousin (The Easy Way Out)". I think the title is there mostly to make smart ass zine kids (and old men) who listen to the album go "Oh, an EINSTEIN reference--maybe this is like *Bad Religion* or something." Well, it worked because that is the first song I listened to--and it's really very good. If I still had a radio show, I would play this song all the time. (Which is one reason I don't have a radio show, I suppose.)

That may be the most parantheticals I have ever used in a review. Overall, a good album. If you just have to have something that is punk that you haven't heard before but you don't want to listen to anything too new or scary, get it. It's well done and fun.
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